Let there be exotic candy!

One of my favorite things about traveling to far off lands is getting to taste the local delicacies. From turtle soup and springbok biltog to lobster ice cream, I’ve tasted the good, the bad and the ugly. Best of all, I love to raid international supermarkets for local candies which often look and taste nothing like their counterparts back home.

Since Halloween is upon us, I thought it would be fun to talk about ways to incorporate exotic flavors into a candy bar. What a great way to recognize your cultural heritage or favorite vacation spots. Like you, I drool over Amy Atlas’s gorgeous monochromatic candy buffets like this one.

If you’re planning one for your shower or wedding, why not incorporate some exotic flavors into the mix?

Thinking pink? Try Strawberry KitKats from Japan.

Gotta have green? Try Gomas Eucalypto from Peru.

Yummy yellow? Try Darnell Lee Soft Eating Ginger Licquorice from Australia.

Better be brown? Try Crown Nuggets – Licor de Cafe & Tequila Nuggets from Mexico.

Winter white? Try Loukoumi Artisan Confections from New Zealand.

For more inspiration, check out this New York Magazine’s recent story on Japanese candy and visit the Candy Blog to search for international favorites by country, candy rating or type.


2 Responses

  1. Do we need to try all the foreign candy when we have so many wonderful options here?

  2. hey there globetrotting bride! thanks so much for your comment on my blog! you are a sweet pea! definitely add ‘la palma princess hotel’ to your list of places to visit. it’s gorgeous! i love your blog! perfect for me, as i am engaged and getting married next june! 🙂 i really love this white and green photo…and all that candy is probably amazing! what a great idea…specially for indecisive people like me 🙂

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