Will You…Go On Lots of Honeymoons With Me?

So, how’d he propose? People ask me that all the time.

Since my Globetrotting Husband’s proposal had a travel theme (and since he’s been asking when I’m going to blog about it), here’s our engagement story:

This is what he wrote on our wedding website’s blog when we got engaged this March:

Today, I asked Lyla to marry me. Wow…what a great feeling. It was a rainy, blustery, cold Saturday. Not exactly an auspicious setting for discussing our life together. But it was such a great feeling to be engaged that we didn’t mind when we ventured out for a celebratory dinner, and got completely soaked by monsoon-like rain and strong, gusting winds.

Here’s what I wrote:

On the rainiest of Saturdays, David popped the question with an innovative travel-themed proposal. First, I unwrapped this big orange leather Ghurka duffel, very fancy of course. Loaded inside were lots of small travel-related presents like creams and lotions, an eye mask, PJs, a travel journal, passport case, luggage tag, etc. Each accompanied by a cryptic note! Further down in the bag, I discovered Champagne and a little matching travel case with the ring and a note about taking lots of honeymoons. Needless to say, my bags are packed!

I don’t know how we forgot to take pictures but we did. And if you’re wondering how many honeymoons we plan to take, the answer is three!

Here we are at Belcourt, one of our favorite brunch spots, where we celebrated the next day with friends.

For those of you who miss my single-girl dating stories. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve found a new globetrotting 30-something New York City girl for you to follow! Check out Single Gal In The City where you can share in Melissa’s delightful dates, weekend getaways, girls nights, blast from the past journal entries and daily life as a travel publicist. And be sure to read how I’m inspiring her to re-visit the world of cyberspace dating.

Do you have a travel proposal to share? Email me at globetrottingbride@gmail.com and I’ll share the best next week.


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