Mile-High Manicure – DIY Beauty Tip

Everything I learned about weddings I learned from Weddingbee. Ok maybe not everything but those ladies sure were an inspiration.

Oh how those crafty Bees designed shirts for bachelorette trips and made “Will you be my bridesmaid?” poems on handmade cards. Oh how they whipped up signature cocktails with color coordinated straws and experimented with 3,000 fonts before printing the signature drink menu in a just-perfect shade to match the embossed coasters. Oh the DIY invites, aisle runners, veils….

And the Gocco, don’t even get me started on their Gocco projects.

So why should I be surprised that Weddingbee’s Miss Champagne reported a do-it-yourself in-flight beauty treatment she discovered on a recent journey: The Mile-High Manicure.

This is a great way to kill some time and soften your cuticles on your next flight. What you’ll need:

– lime wedges
– packets of sugar
– vodka or soda water

Step one: Squeeze the lime and wet your palms and fingers with the juice.
Step two: Sprinkle the sugar on and work into a paste.
Step three: Massage into your hands and fingers (especially the palms and fingertips).
Step four: Add a little vodka or soda water and continue massaging.
Step five: Rinse off with warm water.

Any other in-flight beauty treatments out there?


One Response

  1. You can give yourself a professional manicure at home. All you need to do is search simple tools and tips of the professional manicurists use. Do it for 1 or 2 times and then it would be very easy for you, such that you can do it once in a week with out any difficulty.

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