Italian Wedding Tradition: Go Green Pre-Wedding Dresses

1) Are you or your fiance Italian?

2) Are you honeymooning in Italy?

3) Do you love pasta?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, I’ve got a fun Italian wedding tradition for you to consider for your pre-wedding celebration dress.

Italian brides have an age-old tradition of wearing green, known as color of fertility, the night before their weddings. Why not go green with these fabulous frocks?

Flying First Class?
Oscar de la Renta

Flying Business?
Roberto Cavalli

Flying Coach?
Juicy Couture
Alice & Olivia
Diane von Furstenberg
J. Crew

Be sure to check out the Turkish Wedding Shoe Tradition and Moroccan Wedding Milk Bath Tradition for more global inspiration.


10 Responses

  1. P and I are both 1/2 Italian so I LOVE this! Looks like I might be rocking a green RD dress! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I LOVE kelly green, the world’s most underappreciated color. TMI alert: Wearing green undies today! I am going to make a point of finding myself a green POST-wedding dress, since alas I’m already married. Thanks for the inspiration! And for a lively blog.

  3. My Husband is Italian… I’ll have to see if his Sicilian Grandmother ever heard of that! Nice tradition!

  4. We are both Italian, we honeymooned and Italy, but I didn’t know about this tradition when we got hitched. This would have been great on the rehearsal night. Maybe when we renew.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Cicely Rocha.Miller
    Life Design Event Planning

  5. Well I’m not Italian and I’m not honeymooning in Italy, but I love green. I’ll snag this idea when its my turn to walk down the aisle! Do I have to be enagaged to buy the dress. ha ha. I love the Diane Von dress! Gorgeous!

    Hope your doing well!


    Tali Gallo

  6. These dresses are just gorgeous!

  7. I love the JCrew dress. So elegant and simple – perfect for a May – August wedding.

  8. Love all the dresses, especially the Diane Von Furstenberg, very classy but fun. I think more people should know about the green concept since green is in everywhere else. Great idea.

  9. Great dresses – and how funny! I wore green on the eve before my wedding – had no idea it was such a tradition.
    My favorite – the DVF – has to be!!

  10. If Francesco and I ever get married I love the idea of wearing green . So glam. Difficult choice. Thanks for the suggestion. It is lovely. Carla

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