Come on Baby, Light my Fire!

Imagine a candle and massage oil in one easy-to-use, spill-proof container? I found it!

The Scandle Candle is a great two-in-one invention that gives you a fragrant soy candle and warm massage oil. Light the candle and when you’re ready, extinguish the flame and you’ve got a warm, but not burning hot, massage oil. The Globetrotting Groom reports that its a nice, easy to work with, not-too-greasy massage balm and the Globetrotting Bride confirms that it feels and smells great and doesn’t leave a sticky film. If your man likes to play with fire, this will be just up his alley.

The moisturizing oil is loaded with shea butter, soy butter, jojoba and vitamin E making it great for manicures and pedicures too. Available in a 10-ounce (30-60 hour burn time) ceramic container or a 4-ounce travel tin (15-30 hour burn time).

Best of all, it will make it through airport security in your carry-on and it won’t spill in your travels! The 3-pack travel tin sampler would make a great holiday or shower gift.

Want to win your own in your choice of fragrance (aromatherapy blends and tempting flavors like Fig & Brown Sugar, Margarita, Green Tea Aloe, etc .)? Just comment below with your favorite Scandle Candle fragrance before midnight on Friday. Or click here to purchase.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve always been curious about those massage oil/candles. Is there a good way to know about when it’s warm enough? Does it set up really quickly?

    I suppose my favorite smell to try would be the green tea aloe (I live with a green tea fanatic)

  2. It’s hard to explain but as soon you see the melted wax, its ready. It is just 2 degrees above body temperature so you can melt as much as you need without it getting too hot like a regular candle.

  3. It’s funny how people think alike. I also would probably have to go with the green tea aloe. My husband is a big fan of massages and actually it keeps him from whining too much about how much he hurts.

    These sound amazing! It may be just the christmas gift I’ve been looking for. And the best part, although the flame would be dangerous, if my son were to accidently dump it on himself the wax wouldn’t burn him.

  4. Sweet find! Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh i love candles.

  6. Green tea sounds good to me! Daveypoo and I could have fun with this, methinks.

  7. Mmmm, I think the fig and brown sugar sounds like my speed. The frangrane sounds yummy but the soothing action on old achy knees could be wonderful.
    Its great to see you out there introducing us to so many new and clever products.

  8. I would think my favorite would be the green tea aloe… reminding me of days on the beach with too much sun and the aloe to cool down the burn

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