Divalicious invitation contest with Wedding Paper Divas

Do you wish weddings didn’t cost so much? I thought so.

Raise your hand if you want a $100 gift certificate for divalicious products from Wedding Paper Diva invitations (like wedding and party invites, holiday cards, save the dates, thank you notes, social stationary, etc.) ?

Just participate in today’s contest (now – Dec. 22) and the lucky winner might just be you! And yes, this contest is open to contestants worldwide.

If you’re a wedding newbie, Wedding Paper Divas is loved worldwide for their wide range of designs, customization options and quality printing.

Here’s the scoop:

1) Imagine your fantasy destination wedding (Note: you don’t have to be having a destination wedding).

2) Visit Wedding Paper Divas “Signature Collection” and pick your fantasy destination wedding invite. Sign up or log into your account (free and painless) and save your favorite design.

3) Comment below and share your fantasy destination wedding locale and favorite invite.

4) Cross your fingers.

To inspire you, I’ll go first:

My fantasy destination wedding would take place on a yacht as we sailed from Bodrum, Turkey along the Agean and the Mediterranean coast. For the invite, I’m going to go with Wedding Paper Diva’s Elegant Architecture by DwellStudio below. Blues are my favorite and I’m just loving this oh-so-chic design.

Now its your turn…

5 Responses

  1. What a great contest! My dream destination wedding would definately be Santorini, Greece. I love the white and blue that you see all over Santorini. The “Elegant Architecture” invitation would be perfect for a Santorini Wedding!

  2. My dream wedding is in Seattle, Washington, where I grew up and my fiance and I are moving back to. The invitation? Modern Whimsy Wedding. It’s so curly and cute!

    I’d love to have a garden wedding in late summer, with everyone staying together at a large mansion for the weekend. We’d all chat and wander the grounds, then come together for the wedding and a feast under the stars. And in the morning, we’d make waffles.

  3. Wow. My dream wedding would definitely be in Hawaii. I think the “Lovely Robins” invite would go great with the tropical background. And the lovebirds are so cute!

  4. Wine country wedding invitations would be perfect for a (you guessed it) wine country wedding in napa valley! All of their invitations are beautiful.

  5. With me deployed in Iraq i would love to get home and run away for a dream wedding … coral reef invites would be perfect for a mexico beach wedding =]

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