Honeymoon packing tip #2 – Streamline your toiletries

Tip #2 – Streamline your toiletries with multi-tasking products. Some of my favorites include:

Philosophy’s 3-in-1 products feature some of the best smelling scents around. New for the holiday season, The Holiday Cookbook ($35) includes six 2 ounce bottles in velvet cake, cinnamon buns, spicy pear cobbler, pumpkin spice muffin, gingerbread and double rich hot cocoa. These multi-taskers work as shampoo, bubble bath and shower gels.

REVOLUTION Organics products are great for traveling. My favorite is the All-Over Body Balm ($35) that has over 22 uses from nose to toes. This two ounce concentrated beauty stick works wonders on dry skin (want to feel my elbows?), soothes dry cuticles, smoothes flyaway hair, works on chapped lips and much more. Best of all, their products are made with certified organic ingredients and they smell delicious.


2 Responses

  1. Got the dessert trays from Macy*s 🙂 The pattern comes in silver too.

  2. Ahhh–what girl doesn’t love Philosophy? Love the 3 in 1 too, I’m all about less packing!

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