Free invites, ornaments and honeymoons. Oh my!

Feeling lucky???

Here are some great prizes to be won:

1) Globetrotting Bride’s $100 Gift Certificate from Wedding Paper Divas contest – Need some invites, holiday cards, social stationary? Just pick your fantasy wedding destination and invite to enter. Deadline is Dec. 22.

2) Parisian Party’s Holiday Giveaway offers up the chance to win these cute “Paris Party Girl” Christmas ornaments. Click over and share your favorite Winter in Paris memory before Dec. 14. This site offers fabulous inspiration for all things French and totally oh-la-la!

3) Remember my eco-friendly wedding gift idea from Trees Instead? Well, they’ve got a Green Wedding Contest running through December 28th. Three lucky couples will win Trees Instead Wedding Favors (one tree planted for every guest). The second prize winner will win an acre of planted trees and the first prize couple hits the jackpot with an acre of planted tress, a Lifetime Carbon Footprint offset and an ALL INCLUSIVE ECO-FRIENDLY 5-NIGHT HONEYMOON IN COSTA RICA.

I say, increase your odds and enter all three.


2 Responses

  1. What wonderful winter stories about Paris. I don’t know why, but there is a feeling in Paris that is not found anywhere else I have ever traveled. Romantic, yes very. I enjoyed reading the stories of the ones entered and wished I had my own winter Paris story too. How beautiful.

  2. I was thinking about offering up my mother-in-law for a giveaway. Any interest? She can cook.

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