Honeymoon packing tip #3 – Make-Up Musts

I’m never one to over-pack but I do love having all my favorite make-up and toiletries when I’m on the road. All eyes are on you during your honeymoon so here are some make-up basics to pack for the big trip:

I love to bring trial size lotions and make-up that I can just toss at the end of the trip. Sephora and Kiehls will give you product samples so be sure to ask.

Pack it all up in a fun bag like this Double-Zip Foldover Cosmetic Bag and you’re good to go!

A cute make-up bag filled with goodies or a Sephora gift card would make a great gift for any bride-to-be.

Anything to add to the list?


2 Responses

  1. I love Sephora and I love Kiehls… And i agree… eyelash curler, qtips, tweezers,sunscreen… all things I’d need! GREAT LIST!


  2. Those are gorgeous bags! FYI, if you get a tinted moisturizer you can skip the foundation, blush and bronzer, too. Neutrogena makes a good one.

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