Are you a Globetrotting Bride? Check here for the top ten signs…

Welcome to all my newly engaged Globetrotting Bride fans! In case you’re wondering, here are the top ten signs you’re a Globetrotting Bride:

Me and my Globetrotting Bridesmaids

10) You’ve traveled more than two hours for a Running With the Brides wedding dress sale

9) You’re just as excited for the honeymoon as you are for the wedding

8) You live in California but you read Brooklyn Bride, Southern Weddings and An Atlanta Bride every day

7) You keep your fave summer sun dresses and sandals under your desk, just in case of a last minute weekend getaway

6) You have as many Trip Advisor friends as you do friends on The Knot

5) You help your bridesmaids with all the planing for your fun Bachelorette Getaway

4) You’re thinking about honeymooning in Australia so you can meet Polka Dot Bride

3) You spend $40 a month on glossy international wedding magazines even after the wedding

2) You register for fancy luggage AND fancy china

1) You’re excited about getting married because now you have a lifelong travel partner

And, don’t forget, you can also be a Globetrotting Bride on Facebook, Facebook Networked Blogs and Twitter.


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