When you gotta go, you gotta go…

In public restrooms, which toilet is most often the cleanest?

  1. The first (closest to entrance)
  2. The second
  3. The last (furthest from entrance)

Correct answer: The first (closest to entrance)

Here’s a handy discovery I read about on HipCompass. If you’re honeymooning in Europe or the USA, this will definitely be of interest.

MizPee.com (MizPee.eu in Europe) is a website dedicated to helping people find clean bathrooms. Just type in where you are and a list of nearby restrooms appears with cleanliness ratings, hours of operations and reviews from fellow-toilet seekers.

It’s fairly new in the states so not all U.S. cities are listed but more are being added ever day. European cities include Berlin, Brussels, Parma, Udine, Treviso, Verona, Pisa, Florence, Genoa, Trieste, Palermo, Naples, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, London and Paris.

I tested it out and it gave me many fine New York City options in addition to the expected Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Want more bathroom trivia?

Which European people use the most toilet paper per person?

  1. The English
  2. The Germans
  3. The Swedes

Correct answer: The Swedes

Which city calls itself the Toilet Paper Capital of the World?

  1. Seattle, WA, USA
  2. Newark, NJ, USA
  3. Green Bay, WI, USA

Correct answer: Green Bay, WI, USA

The average person spends how much of their life on the toilet?

  1. 1 year
  2. 2 years
  3. 3 years

Correct answer: 3 years

Which country used flat sticks before the introduction of toilet paper?

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. India

Correct answer: Japan


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