Betcha didn’t know this…

I’ve been tagged by Once a Bride, to tell you 10 random facts about me! In no particular order, here you go….

1) I’m often called a hypochondriac.

2) I took 100 engaged couples to Jamaica to test drive their honeymoon for a day.

3) I can write backwards with my left hand. Yup!

4) I once swallowed a marble playing Chinese Checkers.

5) I am named after a red-headed cheerleader my mom knew in college.

6) I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch daily from elementary school to high school. Every. Single. Day!

7) Even thought I drive maybe 10 days a year (this is normal for a New Yorker…), I can drive a stick shift.

8) I am not afraid of powertools, even after the emergency room visit.

9) I was once a serial dater!

10) I learned how to play croquet from Robin Leach (yes the one from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!)

I’m tagging five fabulous bloggers with this one:

Lemiga Events – One of Atlanta’s most creative party planners
Classic Bride – Your everything wedding planning site. Don’t miss her new calligraphy shop!
Veiled Vows – Inspiring thoughts from an almost-bride-to be.
The Wedding Decorator – For oodles and oodles of decorating ideas.
Well-Heeled, with a mission – In search of financial stability and great shoes.


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