Honeymoon packing tip #5 – Pack wine like a pro

One of the best mementos to bring back from a special trip or honeymoon is a bottle or two of local wine. Since airline restrictions require that any liquid over 3 ounces go in your checked luggage, you’ll want to bring a BottleWise bag on your next trip.

I like the BottleWise Duo above since it can pack two bottles of wine and can also be used as an on-the-go carrier for bringing wine to picnics or parties. Inside you’ll find two padded liquid-tight Bot’lPacks (each holds one 750 ml bottle) that feature a patent-pending protection system. It’s designed for the culinary traveler and can also be used for transporting olive oils, balsamic vinegar, vanilla, etc.

We tested it out in Mexico and it worked like a charm! I should add that the Globetrotting Groom was very impressed with its durable and well constructed pouches that snap into the outer bag.

There are also picnic basket coolers and elegant wine carriers with glasses and corkscrew. Check them out quickly while they’re still on sale. I think they’re a really great present for a newly engaged couple or really anyone who likes to travel.

On a side note, if you’re buying alcohol at Duty Free, you’ll need to check it in your luggage if you have a connecting flight home. I learned this the hard way last year…


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