Globetrotting Bride’s Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts for Guys

For the guys in your life, here are the top 10 Valentine’s gift ideas for guys from the Globetrotting Bride. I won’t tell you which one of these I’m getting for the Globetrotting Groom in case he’s reading…

For the martini lover, how about this modern Cubist Cocktail Set? I think a Cosmo would look pretty cool in these too.

Here’s something he probably doesn’t already have…Personalized Boxer Shorts in red, black or gray.

You can’t go wrong with cuff links and these Watch Movement Cuff Links will impress the watch lover and gadget guru alike.

Feeling domestic? Why not bake him these adorable Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies or any other delicious looking treats from Bakerella.

For the insomniac, this Projection Alarm Clock and Weather Monitor displays the time and temperature on the ceiling. Much more fun than counting sheep.

For the couch potato, these fuzzy UGG Slippers will keep his toes warm.

Got a foodie? Make him a Personalized Apron with your photo. Here’s one I made for the Globetrotting Groom (and yes, I bedazzled it too!).

Speaking of photos, here’s a cool Leica Camera that takes amazing close up shots. I used this for my Mexico ring shots.

You can’t go wrong with a Wii, Wii Fit, or the million games that will keep him entertained for hours…

Last but not least, this Sling Bag is big enough for his gym clothes or a weekend away, super sturdy and actually looks pretty cool in person.


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