You’re all dressed up and WHERE?????

Sarah from Wed2010 did a really fun post the other day that featured photos of two of my favorite TV ladies all dressed up in McDonalds!

First was Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and Penn Badgley (Serena and Dan):

Second was Sex and the City’s Carrie and the Russian:

These pics reminded me of some fun pre-wedding photos the Globetrotting Groom and I took. We got married at a very glamorous venue called Louis XVI (think crystal chandeliers, water views and French waiters) and about 200 feet away is a very beachy take out spot called Nancy’s crab shack.

During the planing phase, we kept joking that we were going to stop by for a pre-wedding snack and we did! How fun are these photos? All photo credits go to Belathee Photography.

I just love the expressions.

You can safely say they don’t get many brides and grooms.

Are you gonna share that?

I should send these to Snapple!

And off to marry we go…

Are you planning to take any fun pre- or post-wedding shots?


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