Got your soulmate? Go get your SoleMates!

Here’s a photo from my engagement party last May. We all look happy, right? You can’t even tell that it had rained like crazy all day, ending just before the party started…

But, if you look closely at our feet, we were actually sinking right into the wet grass! Ewwww…

Better late than never, here’s another amazing invention that would have saved our heels! SoleMates are little rubber coverings that slip right over your high heels.

In addition to making your shoe more stable (a nice feature for klutzy gals), they help you from sinking into the grass and slipping into cracks! If you’re planning a garden wedding, having cocktails on cobblestones or just looking to protect your special day heels, you’ll want to check them out. I think they’d be a nice amenity for destination weddings (bulk discounts apply on orders or 10 or more) or bathroom baskets.

They come in clear or black and fit most high heels. Click here to find a retailer by you or order online. At just $12 a pair, they’re a great investment for your fancy shoes.


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