New York, New York – The ultimate Gossip Girl’s getaway!

If you’re thinking of a bachelorette weekend or girl’s getaway in New York City, I think May and June are the best months to visit! Spring has sprung, the crowds aren’t so bad, the roof-top bars are open and the restaurants open up their sidewalk seating! I know it sounds crazy to dine al fresco with traffic zipping by but we love it…

If you’re looking for a fun girl’s only afternoon activity, look no further than the new Gossip Girl Sites Tour from On Location Tours. Guys are allowed of course, I just can’t think of any who would come without a big bribe.

The 3.5 hour bus tour costs $40 and starts near the New York Palace Hotel. Your trip takes you around to 40 NYC haunts including Blair Waldorf’s home, the mansion that was the site of the Bass/Van der Woodsen wedding, the restaurant where Dan and Serena had their second date and also includes a stop at Henri Bendel where Blair and Serena shop. You’ll stop for photos along the way and you’ll also be “spotted” by the anonymous Gossip Girl blogger.

If you need more TV trivia, On Location also offers its Sex and the City hotspots tour and Sopranos sites in New York and New Jersey.


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