Decorate the getaway car without a mess!

Want to drive around town while boasting your “Just Married” message?  Tell your bridal party to avoid the messy DIY tactics and order some car magnets from RideMagnetism.  No painting, no spelling mistakes and no damage!

Just Married_birds 8-1-9

The Just Married Oval Car Magnet (three in a package) will hold tight at 100 miles per hour and stands up to rain, wind, heat and cold!  Can you say the same for shaving cream?  Just slap it on your limo or getaway car and you’re done.

There is also a brand new combo set of three wedding magnets:

Just Married_birds 8-1-9

Best of all, they can be passed down to future couples making it an eco-friendly option.

Makes a fun engagement or wedding shower gift.


One Response

  1. Great idea of making up of a car for wedding i will certainly apply it and give me best wishes for my wedding .

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