Groom’s Week – Manscaping 101

Attention grooms, ladies aren’t the only ones who should be visiting the salon pre-wedding.  If you’re the DIY type, be sure to check out Remington’s PG-360, the new 8-in-1 personal groomer.


This handy gadget features the world’s first neckliner, which guarantees a straight, clean neckline!  The 10 adjustable settings are great for trimming sideburns, necks, manes and other hairy regions, while five adjustable settings tackle all styles of facial hair – goatees, soul patches, light two-day stubble, moustaches and even the heaviest beards.

The cordless and rechargeable groomer is also equipped with a nose and ear hair trimmer for, um, that not-so-stylish hair. Note to the guys, these should ideally be used before you hear the words “Honey, your nose hair is really long” or “Ewwww, is that hair growing in your ear?”

I had the Globetrotting Groom try it out and he was impressed with the clipper power, ease of use and battery life.

At just $18.94, it’s an affordable gift for your groom and groomsmen which will allow the bride to relax knowing the guys will end up looking well groomed on the big day!


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