Grooms’ Week – Artwork for the Guy’s Guy!

Here’s a neat gift idea for your groom or groomsmen.  A company called BevShots is creating art for the “guys, guy” that you’ll like too.  Yes, you read that right and no, these are not posters of Baywatch babes.


BevShots are pieces of art made from microscopic images of beer, wine and cocktails.  How cool is that?  The result is printed and professionally framed giving you a nice piece of art to go with your modern decor.

Click here to see some pieces made from beer like this one made from English Pale Lager.

GTB english Lager

Click here to see the art made from cocktails like this one made from a vodka tonic.

GTB Vodka Tonic

Click here to see art made from wine like this one made from champagne.

GTB Champagne

You can choose your beverage and select between canvas or archival prints and different framing options. Best of all, they start at an affordable price – $49.99 making them a great gift idea.


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