And the winners are…

Thanks to everyone who entered the custom postcard contest.  The lucky winners are Mely and Pita.  Read below to see how they plan to incorporate the postcards into their weddings.  Congratulations ladies!!!

Mely:  I am on the road as we speak – about to leave London St Pancras for Paris Gare de Nord on my way to study abroad with my darling fiance. We’ll be gone until new years and while I’ve planned most of the wedding, I procrastinated on invitations. I have this dream where we send post cards to all our guests as Save the Dates/Invitations from France, but finding 150 non-touristy post cards and mailing them internationally is almost prohibitively expensive. How much better would it be if we were able to show a picture of us abroad to get our relatives excited about our wedding (not to mention cut down on the number of postcards I’ve promised to write…)

I would totally use these and it would fit so well with our globetravelling personalities and our families and friends could enjoy a lovely photo of us from somewhere in France. (I promise, not the Eiffel Tower. Maybe a quaint scene of us at a cafe or in front of a grand cathedral…) Oh the possibilities!

Pita:  I hope I win this giveaway. I’d use the postcards as a thank you notes to our guests and also use it for the out of town bags since we’re doing a destination wedding.


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