Chosen your wedding colors? What about your newlywed colors?

I know you’ve probably spent a lot of time choosing colors for your wedding but have you thought about colors for your newlywed home????


According to House Beautiful,  color can affect our moods, reflect our personality, and increase prosperity!  Yup, prosperity!

Read on to find out what different colors can bring to your home…

• Orange: Think creativity, confidence, youth, celebration
• Green: Fresh starts and wealth
• Blue: Harmony, efficiency and tranquility
• Red: Stimulating and self confidence
• Pink: Gentle and comforting

Not only is it helpful if you’re thinking about painting and the kind of atmosphere you’d be bringing to a room, but it’s also insightful to see where you’ve been and what you may have been looking for in the past when you chose a certain color palette.

You can read about the rest of the colors here.


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