Top 5 Most Romantic Wedding Proposals!

Today’s guest post is by By Aurelie of Lady Likeable.

If you’re planning to propose, you want it to be as memorable and impressive as possible. You also want a positive response. In many ways, your proposal sets the tone for the rest of your life together. Here are some ways to make sure your proposal stands out as an event both you and your bride-to-be will always remember.

1) The Surprise Proposal

A proposal that comes out of nowhere can be very fetching. Consider whispering the big question in her ear during a church service, business meeting, or opera performance. This approach has the advantage of being so unexpected that you are sure to get her attention. It also allows you to enjoy her reaction!

2) The Big Event

Link your proposal with an exciting holiday celebration to increase the impact. But avoid Valentine’s day unless you want to be like everyone else.

Propose on New Year’s Eve when the countdown reaches 10. This works well at a party with lots of positive energy. By the time she realizes you’ve proposed, it will be a new year. If she say’s “yes,” it will also be a new beginning.

You can propose on 4th of July during the fireworks finale. Offering the engagement ring at the same time will generate some fireworks of your own.

3) The Romantic Weekend Getaway Proposal

Although it’s not original, the romantic weekend getaway is a perfect time to ask the big question. It’s also a winning and time-tested proposal strategy. But if you can’t get away, you can still make sure the proposal spot is remarkable and charming in as many ways as possible.

Whether it’s aboard a gondola in Venice, at a charming little restaurant in Paris, on an evening sail under the stars, during a horse-drawn carriage ride, or floating in a hot air balloon doesn’t matter. All that counts is that it’s far removed from everyday life and has an element of magic about it.

4) The Serenade Proposal

There are many ways to propose with a serenade. If you can sing and play an instrument, propose to her in a song. If you can’t sing, write a proposal rhyme and rap it to her.

You can also hire a singer at a small club or piano bar to perform the serenade proposal for you. A singing proposal telegram delivered to her office is another option if she appreciates flashy displays and loves attention.

5) The T-Shirt Proposal

Buy a personalized t-shirt (or baseball cap) that says “Will you marry me?” Pick her up for your next date wearing the t-shirt or baseball cap, but don’t draw attention to your clothing.  Just act normally and see what happens next.

You can do a quickie version of this with any plain t-shirt simply by writing your proposal on the t-shirt with colored marker pens.

Good luck!!!!!


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