Favorite Posts: Delightful Turkish Wedding Tradition

Are you having a Turkish themed wedding?

Are you honeymooning in Turkey?

Are you a modern gal who wants to incorporate a fun, non-humiliating, find-out-who-will-marry-next tradition into your wedding?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, I have a great idea for you, compliments of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Instead of tossing a bouquet and subjecting their girlfriends to bodily harm, Turkish brides use shoes and dancing to determine the next bride-to-be! How fun is that? Before the ceremony, the single women autograph the sole of the bride’s wedding shoe. After dancing the night away, Turkish legend has it that the person whose name who has rubbed off the most will be the next to marry.

Just one more reason to enjoy dancing the night away.


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