Groom’s Week – Manscaping 101

Attention grooms, ladies aren’t the only ones who should be visiting the salon pre-wedding.  If you’re the DIY type, be sure to check out Remington’s PG-360, the new 8-in-1 personal groomer.


This handy gadget features the world’s first neckliner, which guarantees a straight, clean neckline!  The 10 adjustable settings are great for trimming sideburns, necks, manes and other hairy regions, while five adjustable settings tackle all styles of facial hair – goatees, soul patches, light two-day stubble, moustaches and even the heaviest beards.

The cordless and rechargeable groomer is also equipped with a nose and ear hair trimmer for, um, that not-so-stylish hair. Note to the guys, these should ideally be used before you hear the words “Honey, your nose hair is really long” or “Ewwww, is that hair growing in your ear?”

I had the Globetrotting Groom try it out and he was impressed with the clipper power, ease of use and battery life.

At just $18.94, it’s an affordable gift for your groom and groomsmen which will allow the bride to relax knowing the guys will end up looking well groomed on the big day!


Groom’s Week – Take Two! Tips from the pros: For Guys Only

Welcome to the second edition of Groom’s Week!  The first one was such a hit, I decided to make it an ongoing series.

Of course there are zillions of beauty tips for brides, but what about grooms who want to look their best?

Tony Sosnick, the Founder/President of Anthony Logistics For Men, was nice enough to share some grooming tips and tricks leading up to the big day and the honeymoon.


Be sure to share his tips with your guys:

1) Preparation is the key if you are going to be ready for a full day of photography with clear, even-toned skin. During your morning wake-up in the days leading up to the wedding, massage your face and neck with fingertips to stimulate circulation and create a healthy glow.

2) Some men prefer a closer shave from a professional the day before. Test out a barber a couple of weeks before so you know what to expect before getting a shave the day before the big event.

3) The skin on the body can be prone to dryness and flaking so a couple of days before the ceremony, rub a generous amount of the Sea Salt Body Scrub onto wet, cleansed skin for a deep clean without leaving an oily residue. Pay close attention to elbows, knees, and of course, your feet.  Follow up quickly with the Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion to seal in moisture and condition the skin.

4) Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Drinking water helps the skin perform its vital processes of cell regeneration and renewal. This is a foundation for a strong, healthy and clear complexion.

5)  Get a manicure – your hands will look great, neat and clean.   And, remember, there may be close-ups of the rings.

Groom’s Week: Target Practice – A Nightlight for Guys

Here’s a groovy gadget for grooms that brides will benefit from too. Whether you’re already living together or will be after the upcoming wedding, one of the irksome things about guys is when they leave the seat up (add groan here…). Even the most well mannered gents will be guilty of this from time to time so here’s your chance to be prepared.

The Johnny Light is a night light for your toilet bowl that lights up when he leaves the seat up! No more falling in for you and no more misguided pee pee for him. Genius I say! The Globetrotting Groom says any gadget with LEDs and batteries will be a sure hit with men. Just watch this video for details.

Get one for your groom as an “I can’t wait to live with you” present and spare yourself the “seat-up vs. seat down” controversy before it starts. Its also a fun bachelor or bachelorette party gag gift. Next up, getting him to put a new roll of toilet paper in after he uses it all up…..

Groom Week Continues! Grooms need some relaxing TLC too!

Brides aren’t the only ones who need to relax before the wedding day — grooms need some time rejuvenate to look their best on the big day too.

To get the them ready for that very important walk down the aisle, grooms-to-be should check out the “Grooms Day at the Red Door” package, which includes a Swedish massage, gentlemen’s manicure and haircut (oh my!). Red Door Spa also offers several other men’s services, prefect for the groom-to-be including a gentlemen’s pedicure, deep tissue massages, and back facials (a must if he’ll be sunbathing on the honeymoon)!

Click here to find a Red Door Spa near you.

Groom Week! Has your groom picked out his undergarments yet?

You’ve spent hours thinking about your wedding day undergarments so maybe your groom-to-be should give some thought to his – Um, maybe 10 minutes or so??

I present you with Tommy John’s Second Skin Collection of underwear. Bye, bye to baggy undershirts which can cause “fake love handles.” Say hello to these sleek, long and lean undershirts that give your guy a smooth silhouette! I put a Stay Tucked shirt on the Globetrotting Groom and I swear, they are like Spanx for men.

Check out these BEFORE and AFTER shots (and no, this is not the Globetrotting Groom).



The collection includes crew neck, V neck, long sleeve and tank top undershirts and low rise boxer briefs and underwear briefs. These are so perfect for your grooms and groomsmen. Click here to snatch some up.

Groom’s Week: What to get the guy who has everything???

Traditionally, the bride gives her groom a wedding present but what if your guy is one of those guys who have it all????

Here are a few unique gift ideas for grooms….

1) Is he the nautical, coin collector type? If so, check out these El Cazador Shipwreck cuff links from Arca Fine Coin Jewelry (call for details) ($795).

2) Is he the political type? Maybe he needs a Jorg Gray 6500 watch ($325) like President Obama!

3) Is he a cigar aficionado? Why not personalize this
Not Just Any Old Day sterling silver cigar tube ($398) with your wedding date?

Welcome to Groom’s Week! Why should brides have all the fun?

Since most of you fabulous readers are female, I thought I’d spend this week highlighting some great items to share with your grooms. I’m sure you’ve heard that Real Housewives of New Jersey line “Happy Wife, Happy Life” but I say a “Happy Groom will Make You Swoon.” Ok, so that’s a little cheesy. Maybe the pregnancy hormones have kicked in?

First up is this fabulous “Here Comes the Groomed Kit” from Anthony Logistics For Men:

Priced at $50, this kit contains glycolic facial cleanser, facial scrub, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after shave balm, sea salt body scrub, and glycerin hand/body lotion in a lightweight travel case (perfect for taking on the honeymoon…). It’s a great way to get your groom’s face camera ready for the big wedding day and honeymoon close ups.

When I showed the Globetrotting Groom the potions and instruction card he balked, “I don’t need a routine,” but when he tried all the products, he changed his mind. Suddenly Mr. Doom and Gloom was all, “Hey, feel how soft my skin feels!” True story ladies!

I think this would be a great engagement gift, nice Jack and Jill shower present or groomsmen gift. Or maybe you just want to surprise him with a “just because” (your face is like sandpaper) present.