Fashion Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are all about the bridal party and guests wearing fashionable and “fancy” clothing and a great deal of thought and effort go into making a bride look fantastic for her “big day.”  I probably don’t have to tell you but, most modern brides will spend hours choosing and purchasing everything from special bags and shoes, to fashion jewelry that coordinates with their gowns.
But it doesn’t stop with the bride, most brides want their bridal parties to look their best too that includes groomsmen as well.  If you still haven’t gotten your bridal party gifts, why not give the guys and girls coordinated pieces of jewelry?

GTB necklace
The fashion jewelry that a bride might present to her maid of honor and bridesmaids are often quite valuable, and usually include diamonds and precious metals. Items like simple pendant necklaces, delicate bracelets or elegant stud earrings.

GTB necklace 1

Grooms might give his groomsmen cuff links, tie tacks and even watches. This sort of male fashion jewelry is also usually quite valuable and accented with diamonds and precious metals as well.

Just as any wedding planning is best done with plenty of time remaining in the schedule, so too is shopping for wedding jewelry for the entire bridal party. It is important to note that a shop or jeweler may not have a large enough quantity on hand or may need to resize certain items. So don’t wait too long try to finalize your decision more than a month before the wedding day.

GTB necklace 2
Fashion jewelry is also a nice gift for the flower girl and ring bearer as well, and many couples will often present the youngest members of their party with their first valuable diamond or precious metal jewelry.

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Groom’s Week: Support our Troops and Soften Your Groom’s Rough Edges!

Here are some great groom and groomsmen friendly product, Skincando’s COMBAT-READY BALM and COMBAT-READY LIP BALM!

Originally used by soldiers fighting in Iraq to protect against bites and more, this powerful handmade salve is one-click shopping for skin cream that protects and heals skin from just about everything.  It’s ideal for razor burn, sun/wind burn, bug bites, minor cuts, scratches and dry skin.  It’s completely natural, organic and totally homemade plus it smells great!

GTB Combat Balm

The lip balm is ultra moisturizing with a super fresh peppermint scent and soothing coconut oil.


Order some gift sets for your boys and a portion of proceeds will help send these great products to soldiers fighting in Iraq.  Oh and the travel sizes would work great on the honeymoon…

Hope you’ve enjoyed Groom’s Week!

Groom’s Week: Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas…

For the groomsman who can only commit one night at a time:

This elegant Clap One Night Men’s Set made of leather and stainless steel includes a toothbrush and razor.

GTB Clap One

For the groomsman who loves to travel:

The Mystery Travel Game Set comes in an elegant black box and includes pieces for chess, backgammon, domino, checkers and solitaire.

GTB mystery travel game

For the groomsman who loves his Scotch:

This good looking Giorgio Hip Flask features a classic design with polished stainless steel and black leather.

GTB flask

For the groomsman who loves his bling:

This Giorgio Jewelry Box has great compartments for his watch, cuff links other  favorite jewelery pieces.

GTB Jewelry

Grooms’ Week – Artwork for the Guy’s Guy!

Here’s a neat gift idea for your groom or groomsmen.  A company called BevShots is creating art for the “guys, guy” that you’ll like too.  Yes, you read that right and no, these are not posters of Baywatch babes.


BevShots are pieces of art made from microscopic images of beer, wine and cocktails.  How cool is that?  The result is printed and professionally framed giving you a nice piece of art to go with your modern decor.

Click here to see some pieces made from beer like this one made from English Pale Lager.

GTB english Lager

Click here to see the art made from cocktails like this one made from a vodka tonic.

GTB Vodka Tonic

Click here to see art made from wine like this one made from champagne.

GTB Champagne

You can choose your beverage and select between canvas or archival prints and different framing options. Best of all, they start at an affordable price – $49.99 making them a great gift idea.

Groom’s Week – Manscaping 101

Attention grooms, ladies aren’t the only ones who should be visiting the salon pre-wedding.  If you’re the DIY type, be sure to check out Remington’s PG-360, the new 8-in-1 personal groomer.


This handy gadget features the world’s first neckliner, which guarantees a straight, clean neckline!  The 10 adjustable settings are great for trimming sideburns, necks, manes and other hairy regions, while five adjustable settings tackle all styles of facial hair – goatees, soul patches, light two-day stubble, moustaches and even the heaviest beards.

The cordless and rechargeable groomer is also equipped with a nose and ear hair trimmer for, um, that not-so-stylish hair. Note to the guys, these should ideally be used before you hear the words “Honey, your nose hair is really long” or “Ewwww, is that hair growing in your ear?”

I had the Globetrotting Groom try it out and he was impressed with the clipper power, ease of use and battery life.

At just $18.94, it’s an affordable gift for your groom and groomsmen which will allow the bride to relax knowing the guys will end up looking well groomed on the big day!

Decorate the getaway car without a mess!

Want to drive around town while boasting your “Just Married” message?  Tell your bridal party to avoid the messy DIY tactics and order some car magnets from RideMagnetism.  No painting, no spelling mistakes and no damage!

Just Married_birds 8-1-9

The Just Married Oval Car Magnet (three in a package) will hold tight at 100 miles per hour and stands up to rain, wind, heat and cold!  Can you say the same for shaving cream?  Just slap it on your limo or getaway car and you’re done.

There is also a brand new combo set of three wedding magnets:

Just Married_birds 8-1-9

Best of all, they can be passed down to future couples making it an eco-friendly option.

Makes a fun engagement or wedding shower gift.

Groom’s Week: Target Practice – A Nightlight for Guys

Here’s a groovy gadget for grooms that brides will benefit from too. Whether you’re already living together or will be after the upcoming wedding, one of the irksome things about guys is when they leave the seat up (add groan here…). Even the most well mannered gents will be guilty of this from time to time so here’s your chance to be prepared.

The Johnny Light is a night light for your toilet bowl that lights up when he leaves the seat up! No more falling in for you and no more misguided pee pee for him. Genius I say! The Globetrotting Groom says any gadget with LEDs and batteries will be a sure hit with men. Just watch this video for details.

Get one for your groom as an “I can’t wait to live with you” present and spare yourself the “seat-up vs. seat down” controversy before it starts. Its also a fun bachelor or bachelorette party gag gift. Next up, getting him to put a new roll of toilet paper in after he uses it all up…..