Hot wedding trends: New Spin on a Traditional Guest Book

How boring are those big, ugly guest sign-in books?  I love this spin on tradition…use a globe and some Sharpies and let your guests add their well wishes to something you can actually display in your home!



Pick a globe and pens that match your wedding or home decor.  A great idea for travel fanatics and design fans alike.

Have a great weekend!


Still looking for something blue?

Chanel’s Summer 2010 collection – Les Pop-up de Chanel features some bright beachy colors like pink, coral and turquoise that will look great with a summer tan.

If you’re still looking for that something blue, how about wearing Nouvelle Vague (turquoise) on your toes?  Or if you’re really looking to stand out on your big day, go for it on your fingers.

Check out these Irish Wedding Traditions

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Did you know that today is considered the luckiest wedding anniversary date in Ireland?  Betcha didn’t.


In case you’re getting married today (or if you want to incorporate some Irish elements into your wedding), check out these wedding day traditions from Ireland:

An old Irish tradition calls for the wedding couple to walk to the church together before exchanging their wedding vows. As they walk down the main street to the chapel, onlookers would not only throw rice to bless the marriage, but larger items as well, such as pots and pans.  OUCH!!!

The traditional Irish bride often wears a blue wedding dress, rather than a white dress. This is because blue symbolized purity in ancient times. It wasn’t until the year 1499 that a white wedding dress began to symbolize virginity and purity.

English lavender, an ancient symbol of love, loyalty, devotion and even luck is often mixed with the bride’s wedding flowers to help insure a happy and long-lasting union.

Another tradition is for the bride to braid her hair for her wedding day. Braided hair is an ancient symbol of feminine power and luck.

Favorite Posts: Got Milk?? Try this Moroccan Wedding Tradition…

If you’re looking to incorporate an ancient Moroccan custom into your wedding preparation, you’re going to love this spa treatment idea:

Moroccan weddings are very elaborate (some last seven days) so to prepare for the festivities, Moroccan brides enjoy a luxuriating milk bath to purify themselves and relax before the ceremony. This is followed-up with a beberiska ceremony in which the bride’s hands and feet are painted with henna.

If you don’t feel like making your own milk bath, try this Plus Buttermilk Bath Soak from H20 Plus or Skin Milk Foaming Bath at drugstores nationwide.

Tips from the Pros: How to Save Your Wedding Cake!

You know the tradition of saving the top layer of your wedding cake to enjoy on your first anniversary?  Well, I’m here to tell you a better idea than celebrating with stale, freezer burned cake.

The idea comes from Andrea Carusetta-Blaut, founder of Sedona Cake Couture who suggests saving the sugar flowers from your wedding cake and having them put on a brand new mini cake you can enjoy on your anniversary!  Genius, huh?




Here are her instructions on how to preserve sugar wedding cake flowers:

– Wrap each flower individually in tissue paper and place in an air- tight box.

– Seal the box and store where it will stay dry and away from any light.

– Kept sealed, they will last forever.

Read more about Andrea’s stunning wedding cakes here.

Looking to incorporate an Indian twist into your wedding?

Love the thought of your very own Monsoon Wedding? If you want to add some exotic Indian wedding traditions into your festivities, here are some ideas:

– You could wear a colorful sari to your rehearsal dinner.

– You could incorporate vibrant Indian colors and fabrics in your decor.

– You could have a Mendhi ceremony where brides are intricately decorated with henna “temporary tatoos” pre-wedding. My sister and I had this done on a recent family trip to Texas:

– Or if you’re not sure you want to commit to the Mendhi on your body, why not incorporate it into your cake? Just check out this this cake that incorporated this lovely tradition from Lazy Bride.

Bridal Style From Around the World!

As you know, different cultures have different wedding customs. While we mostly focus on the all-American white wedding, I thought it would be fun to showcase some exotic looks from around the globe found on BellaSugar.

Click here to see the colorful slideshow.