Honeymoon packing tip #8 – Recession friendly travel kits

Some favorite beauty on the go options for your carry on…. Option 1: Boots Botanics Face Pamper Kit ($10.99)Boots Botanics is one of my favorite brands at Target and this kit has everything you need to keep your face happy on the road: Quenching Face Mask, Day Moisture Lotion, Skin Brightening Deep Clean Gel, Skin […]

Honeymoon packing tip #1 – Never travel with full-sized perfume

Since every bride goes on a honeymoon (or two, or three…), I’m kicking off a series of Honeymoon Packing Tips. Let me know if you have any favorite traveling secrets to share. Tip #1 – Never ever travel with a full-size bottle of perfume. And yes, I learned this the hard way in the 90s […]

Still looking for something blue?

Chanel’s Summer 2010 collection – Les Pop-up de Chanel features some bright beachy colors like pink, coral and turquoise that will look great with a summer tan. If you’re still looking for that something blue, how about wearing Nouvelle Vague (turquoise) on your toes?  Or if you’re really looking to stand out on your big […]

Honeymoon packing tip #2 – Streamline your toiletries

Tip #2 – Streamline your toiletries with multi-tasking products. Some of my favorites include: Philosophy’s 3-in-1 products feature some of the best smelling scents around. New for the holiday season, The Holiday Cookbook ($35) includes six 2 ounce bottles in velvet cake, cinnamon buns, spicy pear cobbler, pumpkin spice muffin, gingerbread and double rich hot […]