Must Have Accessory for Shower Thinkers

You know how a million ideas burst into your head all the time when you’re planning a wedding?  Sure, you’ve got a note pad next to the bed but what about something to jot down all your great shower inspired ideas?  Thanks to AquaNotes, you can lather up without fear of forgetting those fantastic ideas.

These neat notepads feature waterproof paper and suction cups to secure the notepad and pencil to the shower wall.  There is even a Love Notes version which features two pencils (one red) and would make a very fun bridal shower (get it?) gift.

And, they work underwater too so you can bring one along for scuba diving adventures on your honeymoon.

Another one of those great, “Why didn’t I think of that” ideas…


Super fun pillowcases for couples…

Know a couple who just moved in together?  This Me and You pillowcase set would be a super fun housewarming gift for them. Could also be fun as an engagement or shower gift.

Pillow Talk: Love in 19 languages!

Looking for a cute bridal shower gift?  How fun is this International Love Pillow by Alexander Girard that says LOVE in 19 languages?  It might also be fun as a giant ring pillow…

Tips from the Pros: Cocktail Frank Makeover

Today’s guest post is from Myra and Neil at Elegant Eating caterers on Long Island who catered my engagement party.

There is no doubt everyone loves pigs in blankets at a wedding or engagement party!  Cocktail franks with dough wrapped around them are good but our favorite way to serve these yummy appetizers is as Garden Franks.

How cute are these?  And they taste as great as they look.

GTB Franks

GTB franks 2

Want to make them at home?  Just take a sheet of frozen puff pastry and cut out flowers using a cookie cutter and then cut a small whole in middle (use a soda bottle lid).  Slice hot dogs and put then in the center.   Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for 25 minutes until golden brown.

Place on skewers and serve in wheat grass.

Bon appetit!

Happy Blog-iversary to me!!!!

Guess what?  The Globetrotting Bride blog is turning one today!   It’s been a fun ride so far.  If you haven’t subscribed to the RSS feed yet the link is: And you can find me on Facebook and Twitter too.

To commemorate my first anniversary, I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite posts from way back when:

Have passport and panties, will travel…

One of my very favorite friends never ever leaves home without her Blackberry, her passport and a pair of spare panties. She has learned to be prepared for any last minute travel deals, overseas business trips and perhaps an upcoming proposal (hint, hint you know who you are).

I going to surprise her with some Passport Panties, emergency panties cleverly disguised in a color coordinated faux crocodile passport cover. Your choice of styles (boy short and thong) and colors (champagne, tomato cocktail, black coffee, latte, pink lemonade and sparkling water) for $22 to $26 each.

If you can get past the Mad Men era airline stewardesses on the website, check them out. I think they’d be a great shower gift for a Globetrotting Bride-to-be or a cute “Will you be my bridesmaid?” present for a destination wedding. Or just an all around good item to throw in your carry-on for your next getaway. Just be careful not to give them to the customs officer…

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Need a clever gift for a couple???

I bet they don’t have his and hers astrology mugs from French Bull!

Here’s Leo for me:

gtb leoAnd Libra for the Globetrotting Groom:

gtb libra

You could go crazy and pair them with a fancy cappuchino machine or one of those single coffee maker machines.  Or wrap them up with some coffee beans and donuts if you’re going recessionista!  Voila, you’ve got a gift that works for a wedding, engagement or shower.

Check out these wedding inspired cookies!

If you’ve never been to Eleni’s cookies in New York, its worth a trip on your next visit.  In addition to yummy cupcakes, they have some of the cutest cookies in town.

I love their wedding inspired cookies which would be great as wedding or shower favors, bridesmaid gifts, wedding shower gifts or just a snack for a hungry soon-to-be-bride.  Or, skip the wedding cake and just serve bride and groom cookies instead!  How cute are these?

GTB cookie

GTB Cookie 2

GTB cookie 3

gtb cookie 4

gtb cookie 5

gtb cookie 6