Put a ring on it! Take four – Wedding ring photography idea for the beach

As you know, I love seeing pictures of wedding and engagement rings on vacation.  Think Where’s Waldo with jewelry!

ring six pic

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of some Globetrotting Bride around-the-world wedding ring photo inspiration and tutorials:

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Tips from the Pros – How to take amazing engagement and wedding ring photos

I saw this photo on Pinterest and it was too cute to not pass along.  If you’re traveling to a beachy honeymoon spot or having a beachy destination wedding, you’ll want to get one of these shots.

Globetrotting Bride - Wedding Ring Photography

Globetrotting Bride – Wedding Ring Photography


Simply make a handprint in the sand, insert your wedding rings onto the appropriate fingers and snap away!  Add a “Save the Date” or “Just Married” caption and you’re ready to share the news with the world!

If you have a great ring on vacation photo, send it over.  I’ll be compiling a list of my faves.

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Ellen’s Best Wedding Advice…

Today’s guest post is from my friend Ellen over at To The Max!  I was one of her bridesmaids way back when and I can still remember her fun-filled wedding.  I asked her for a wedding photo to accompany her wedding advice post but she refused on the grounds of funny looking hair and sent this picture of her cute kids instead….

Hi, everyone. I’m Globetrotting Bride’s longtime friend, Ellen. She likes to call me her “old” friend even though I am less than one year older than her and way more fun.
I have been married for 8 years, which I think qualifies me as a marriage expert. I am also a wedding expert, because I survived planning one. You, too, will be a wedding expert very soon! Congrats! I think childbirth is only slightly harder than planning a wedding.

I was thinking about the best wedding advice I have to offer to you, and here’s one thing that I really only realized in retrospect. Once you pick the guy, the place, and the dress, there is one other thing worth spending more effort on than the invites, the flowers, the placecards, whatever. I’m talking about the photographer.

Once the wedding is over, you will not watch the video that often, until one day your kids make you show it to them and they laugh their asses off at how your hair looks. But the photos are going to decorate your home for the rest of your life. You also want to make sure that you get at least one recommendation from someone who has used the photographer. I did not do that for my wedding, and I regret it. Her work was lovely, she seemed nice in person. But she was disorganized at the wedding, didn’t get a lot of shots I’d asked for and seemed generally overwhelmed, so what if I had invited 836,547 people?

Ha, ha.I only had 150. And I was far from a Bitch-zilla bride, so she really had no excuses. Am I allowed to use that word on this blog? I don’t know, maybe Lyla will fire me as her guest blogger.

So, that is my best wedding-planning advice. What sort of lessons do you guys have to share from your own wedding planning experiences?

Tips from the Pros: Cocktail Frank Makeover

Today’s guest post is from Myra and Neil at Elegant Eating caterers on Long Island who catered my engagement party.

There is no doubt everyone loves pigs in blankets at a wedding or engagement party!  Cocktail franks with dough wrapped around them are good but our favorite way to serve these yummy appetizers is as Garden Franks.

How cute are these?  And they taste as great as they look.

GTB Franks

GTB franks 2

Want to make them at home?  Just take a sheet of frozen puff pastry and cut out flowers using a cookie cutter and then cut a small whole in middle (use a soda bottle lid).  Slice hot dogs and put then in the center.   Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for 25 minutes until golden brown.

Place on skewers and serve in wheat grass.

Bon appetit!

Getting ready for the Globetrotting Baby!

Hi ladies (and Grumpy Groom),

Just a quick update to let you know I’ll be taking a little time off after the Globetrotting Baby arrives. The due date is October 23 but you never know…I’m pretty much ready like now.  Here’s my week 37 belly shot:


But don’t fret, I’ll keep you entertained with some of my favorite posts, Tips from the Pros and some great guest posts.  And, if you’ve ever wanted to do a guest post, now’s your chance!  Just drop me an email and tell me your ideas.

Tips from the Pros: How to Save Your Wedding Cake!

You know the tradition of saving the top layer of your wedding cake to enjoy on your first anniversary?  Well, I’m here to tell you a better idea than celebrating with stale, freezer burned cake.

The idea comes from Andrea Carusetta-Blaut, founder of Sedona Cake Couture who suggests saving the sugar flowers from your wedding cake and having them put on a brand new mini cake you can enjoy on your anniversary!  Genius, huh?




Here are her instructions on how to preserve sugar wedding cake flowers:

– Wrap each flower individually in tissue paper and place in an air- tight box.

– Seal the box and store where it will stay dry and away from any light.

– Kept sealed, they will last forever.

Read more about Andrea’s stunning wedding cakes here.

Wedding Invitations: Tip of the day for RSVP cards

If you haven’t already been told, it is indeed true that some people will return the RSVP card without any identifying information.  Annoying I know! The good news is that most people will respond properly:

GTB rsvp card

The best way to solve this (and you’ve probably been told) is to secretly number your RSVP cards in the same order as your invite list.

If you’re like me and can’t stand the idea of scribbling a number on your pristine RSVPs, here’s what I did to solve the problem….

I placed the secret number under the stamp!  For the mystery responders, I simply peeled back the stamp and voila, there was my magic answer!

I also like the idea of using an invisible ink pen if you’d rather go that route.

How are you planning to deal with this issue?

Groom’s Week – Take Two! Tips from the pros: For Guys Only

Welcome to the second edition of Groom’s Week!  The first one was such a hit, I decided to make it an ongoing series.

Of course there are zillions of beauty tips for brides, but what about grooms who want to look their best?

Tony Sosnick, the Founder/President of Anthony Logistics For Men, was nice enough to share some grooming tips and tricks leading up to the big day and the honeymoon.


Be sure to share his tips with your guys:

1) Preparation is the key if you are going to be ready for a full day of photography with clear, even-toned skin. During your morning wake-up in the days leading up to the wedding, massage your face and neck with fingertips to stimulate circulation and create a healthy glow.

2) Some men prefer a closer shave from a professional the day before. Test out a barber a couple of weeks before so you know what to expect before getting a shave the day before the big event.

3) The skin on the body can be prone to dryness and flaking so a couple of days before the ceremony, rub a generous amount of the Sea Salt Body Scrub onto wet, cleansed skin for a deep clean without leaving an oily residue. Pay close attention to elbows, knees, and of course, your feet.  Follow up quickly with the Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion to seal in moisture and condition the skin.

4) Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Drinking water helps the skin perform its vital processes of cell regeneration and renewal. This is a foundation for a strong, healthy and clear complexion.

5)  Get a manicure – your hands will look great, neat and clean.   And, remember, there may be close-ups of the rings.