After the Honeymoon comes Babymoon Bingo!

I know you’re familiar with the terms mini-moon and honeymoon but do you know about babymoons? Well, don’t think the vacations end after you’re married, your next big adventure might just be the trip before you have a baby, AKA the babymoon!

I’ve brought in my favorite babymoon expert, Kristy Hall of Two and a Half Travelers, to give some inspiring babymoon ideas as well as things to consider when traveling during pregnancy.

Here’s Kristy…

There are countless things people with kids don’t tell you before you have a baby. (I think this realization comes to most new mom’s about five minutes after the epidural wears off.)

I personally find it challenging to put into words just how a couple’s relationship changes (for better and worse) after a baby arrives. I’m no relationship expert but as a mom, a wife and a travel professional, I feel qualified to offer one little tidbit of advice to expecting parents — make time to get away and connect before your baby arrives.

A pre-baby vacation (or babymoon) doesn’t have to be expensive or exotic but it should be romantic and it should be carefully planned to consider:

1) Timing – Since travel is generally discouraged after 32 weeks and many expecting Mom’s feel a little woozy in their first trimester, timing a babymoon is critical. Many women report a little kick of energy in their second trimesters which can translate into a perfect opportunity to take that last vacation before baby arrives. In short, you gotta go, when you gotta go regardless of the season.

2) Travel Style – Balance your normal pregnancy style with your pregnancy travel style. For example, if you normally take independent adventure vacations, you might want to consider a relaxing spa-like destination in a more exotic locale where you could do ½ day trips from the resort.

3) Health – The most important thing about your babymoon is that you feel comfortable with the decisions you’ve made about travel. Traveling while you are expecting really comes down to common sense. Do your research (or work with someone who can do it for you), talk to your doctor and pay attention to your body and your instincts to ensure that you’re comfortable with your decision to travel.

The following handy reference table shows some potential babymoon destinations as determined by common pregnancy travel styles and seasons of the year. Enjoy!

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