Is that wine in your baby bottle????? Oui, oui!!

Years ago, I spent a semester studying in Italy. Afterwards, I met up with a friend who was studying in Paris and we had dinner with her Parisian boyfriend and his friends. We went to Le Refuge de Fondus where we had to climb over the table to get to our seats. There were long tables of diners and everyone was drinking wine out of baby bottles and eating lots of fondue. I thought this must be a hot new Parisian trend so I embraced it.

Turns out there is a new version of this place in New York’s SoHo called La Cave des Fondus and Globetrotting Cindy hosted her recent birthday party there. If you’re looking for a fun-filled bridal shower or bachelorette dinner spot, this could be a great fit.

We dined on La Fondue Savoyarde (cheese), La Fondue Bourguignonne (steak you cook in beef bouillion), frites and of course chocolate fondue for dessert. And yes, the wine is served in baby bottles which is a lot less messy than cosmos in martini glasses : ).

Check it out!

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