Honeymooning with a baby?

Maybe you’re shopping for a bun in the oven wedding gown (a la Bethenny) or maybe you’ve got a baby from your first marriage.  Either way, if you’re thinking about taking a tot on your honeymoon, I’ve got something to make the trip a little easier.

The Puj Baby Tub is a flat piece of hypoallergenic foam with magnets that magically turn it into an easy to tote along baby bath.  The Puj team sent me one to test out and it was as simple as snap it together, put it in the sink and add water!

The Globetrotting Baby was cozy in the lounge position while I tried it out on her.

She seemed pretty happy in there and because she was so secure, I had both hands free which doesn’t happen with your typical baby bathtubs.

It weighs nothing, dries quickly and easily fits in a suitcase or a NYC apartment…

Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at Puj’s new website exclusively for baby bath tubs!

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