Recession friendly weddings in Paris?? Oui, Oui!!

Overseas destination weddings usually offer couples substantial savings over tying the knot at home (fewer guests, better exchange rates, lower restaurant pricing, more affordable vendors, etc.). But, did you know that a wedding in Paris, one of the most romantic cities on earth, could actually save you money?

Kim Petyt of Parisian Events, one of Paris’ famed wedding planners, did a blog post entitled The Recessionista’s Guide to a Wedding in Paris, and its chock full of great information. Best of all, I learned that the average cost of a 100-guest wedding in France is $14,960 dollars compared with the United States average of $27,900 (and obviously much higher in major cities)! Some food for thought if you’re thinking of saying “Oui.”

Kim’s Parisian Party blog is also a great source to learn about Parisian wedding trends and traditions, eloping in Paris, French bridal fashions, wedding favors, invitations and much more!

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